[xsl] JDom Setup

Subject: [xsl] JDom Setup
From: "David Boyce" <David_Boyce@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 08:52:17 -0000
Could any one give me any advice re the set-up of JDOM in a Win XP Home
environment.  I've downloaded version 8, and followed the installation
instructions.  I am now able to compile java classes by providing the path
to the JDOM.jar however when I try to run the class file it says it doesn't
know where the imports are located.  I think I need to update the CLASSPATH
variable in the environment setting but I've new to Java.  If anyone could
help it would be much appreciated as I'd really like to be able to work from
home on XML files using this technology,

best regards,

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