Re[2]: [xsl] How do you un-escape in HTML

Subject: Re[2]: [xsl] How do you un-escape in HTML
From: Arthur Maloney <ArthurMaloney@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 10:21:07 +0000
Hello David,

David thank you for your response you are correct it is some kind of double escaped.
I've traced this back to MSXML4 both sp1 & sp2.

Should it behave like this, or is this a bug of some kind?

In my code: fld is a field in an adodb recordset from an SQL Server 2000 Database
            eltColumn is a document element MSXML2.IXMLDOMElement

Case Else
     strColValue = validXMLContent(fld.Value)
     eltColumn.Text = strColValue
end case

Original value
? fld.Value
allowed on 'background-position'

This is converted to  valid xml content
     strColValue= "allowed on &apos;background-position&apos;"

Which I think is correct XML.

When I look at whats inside using text method.

     ? eltColumn.text
     allowed on &apos;background-position&apos;

This agrees with my input.

When I look at the built DOM
     ? eltColumn.text
     allowed on &apos;background-position&apos;

However when I use the xml method it is double escaped?.

     <percentage>allowed on &amp;apos;background-position&amp;apos;</percentage>

DC> No. If you had that you would be fine and it would all just work
DC> (although actually you don't need to quote ' as &apos; unless you want
DC> to)

DC> What you have is double escaped, first you have replaced ' by &_apos;
DC> then you have replaced that by &_amp;apos;

DC> The solution is not to do that.

DC> David

Best regards,
 Arthur                            mailto:ArthurMaloney@xxxxxxxxxx

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