[xsl] Getting a distinct list of node names

Subject: [xsl] Getting a distinct list of node names
From: Manuel Holtgrewe <purestorm@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 20:22:05 +0100

Maybe this cannot be accomplished with plain Xslt and my mail is OT, but
I do not know a better place to start asking.

I need to get a distinct list of the node names from all children of one
node. For example, if I have:

        <form:validator />
        <form:validator />
        <form:filter />

I want to be able to retrieve a list of the names of all tags used
within node:definition. However, it should contain each tag name only

    ('form:validator', 'form:filter')

I tried to accomplish this trying to build a string containing all tag
names but this failed because of the nature of xsl:variables, recursion
did not work, too (I found no way :/).

I also tried the set:distinct method from exslt but it did not work,
too, because you cannot specify a path like "*/name()" and so you cannot
select all the names (I guess it is because paths always only specify
nodes and a node name is a plain string?).


Manuel Holgrewe

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