RE: [xsl] Formatting XSL-FO Based on XML Position

Subject: RE: [xsl] Formatting XSL-FO Based on XML Position
From: "Andreas L. Delmelle" <a_l.delmelle@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 01:08:30 +0100
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> From: Kyle Partridge
> Pardon the repetition, but apparently my previous format was not as
> appropriate as it ought to have been.
> Problem:
> Create fo:table to format some text occurring after a fo:block.  The XML
> input looks like this:
> <p tabs="0.2 1.2 2.2">
> some text, maybe formatted <b>maybe not</b>, and then:
> <tab/>item<tab/>item2<tab/>item3<br/>
> <tab/>item4<tab/>item5
> </p>

Indeed a bit different from what you posted first. My proposed solution in
the other thread will *only* work in case you have matrices of these
'inverted' <tab/><br/> constructs. (equal amount of tabs for each br)

> The XSLT I have now for the tab formatting looks like this.  I know it
> isn't very good, but I'm not very good at this.  Putting opening tags in
> the first xsl:if, and closing tags in a later one does not work - but I
> don't know what to do instead ?

Look into the answer in the earlier thread you posted for this to give you a
clue... I hope there is at least *some* pattern as to what nodes are to form
the rows/columns. If not, you might need to normalize your source 'xml'
first, to make it ready for pattern-matching.

In any case, I hope you're getting the logic --if not, just yell



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