RE: [xsl] Xref numbering test

Subject: RE: [xsl] Xref numbering test
From: "Andrew Welch" <AWelch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 13:27:33 -0000
> Thanks for reply but maybe I didn't make want I want clear.
> The xref has a xidtype of step but my elements are step1 
> step2 step3. I need to know whether the step is a step1 or 
> step2 etc. in order to number it correctly.
> <xref xrefid="step1-10" xidtype="step"></xref> 
> The xrefid includes the step level a dash and increments
> If I could test the id or test the element being referenced 
> then I could proceed.
> Again, thanks for the help.


First build a nodeset of all the <stepX>'s with their id's and how you
want to number them:

<xsl:variable name="steps">
  <xsl:for-each select="//step1|//step2|....|//step9">
    <step id="{@id}">
      <xsl:attribute name="number">
        <xsl:number count="step1|step2....|

And so on.

This will give you a variable holding something like:

<step id="1234" number="1."/>
<step id="1abc2" number="1.1."/>

Then in your step processing template, query the variable for the
correct number using the id of the step you are processing:

<xsl:template match="step1|step2...">
  <xsl:variable name="currentId" select="@id"/>
  <xsl:for-each select="$steps">
    <xsl:value-of select="step[@id = $currentId]/@number"/>


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