AW: AW: [xsl] UNIX-ANSI encoding with NT4 and IE6

Subject: AW: AW: [xsl] UNIX-ANSI encoding with NT4 and IE6
From: "Sebastian Fey" <fey@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 15:04:17 +0100
>> this problem occurs only on one of about 20 PCs using docbook (most
>> likely because of the old OS (NT4)) i will not change about 500 files
>> to make docbook run on this single PC ...
>Well that's reasonable, but note that if the files have
>encoding="US-ASCII" at the top then any (and probably many)
>XML parser is fully entitled to reject it. There is nothing wrong with
>the parser on your one old machine, it is only by chance that the
>parsers on your newer machines happen to support that encoding.
>Without that declaration (and no other change to the file) the same
>files would be processable by every XML parser, everywhere.

ill post this at the docbook-mailinglist.
wonder what theyll think about this.

thx david, happy chrismas everybody!


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