Re: [xsl] Contents overflow in table cell ?

Subject: Re: [xsl] Contents overflow in table cell ?
From: "Jonny Pony" <jonnypony666@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 15:18:50 +0000

    <block-container overflow="hidden">
      <block white-space="nowrap">Example with a lot of
      text that is specified not to wrap in order to
      illustrate clipping</block>

I just read that "overflow="hidden">" isn't implemented yet in FOP.

Clipping as specified by the overflow="hidden" is not yet implemented. If you have long words overflowing table cells, try to get them hyphenated. Artificial names like product identifications or long numbers usually aren't hyphenated. You can try special processing at XSLT level, like

clip long text,
explicit wrapping+clipping,
insert zero width spaces (U+200B or &#x200B;) to allow FOP to wrap.

insert zero width spaces (U+200B or &#x200B;) to allow FOP to wrap
Since I'm not this familiar with programming. What does it mean "FOP to wrap"? Wrap what?

Is there a font I can add where every character has the same width so I can use the substring()-function to cut off characters?


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