Re: [xsl] output CDATA in xml using xsl

Subject: Re: [xsl] output CDATA in xml using xsl
From: Thomas Rasmussen <tbr77@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003 14:24:18 +0100
Julian Reschke wrote:

Thomas Rasmussen wrote:

I am trying to make a xsl document that converts one xml document into another, but have run into some trouble.
I have this document:
<paragraph>Some <bold>html</bold> formatted text</paragraph>
<paragraph>Another line of <bold>html</bold></paragraph>

And I want this out:
<p>Som Some <b>html</b> formatted text<p>
<p>Another line of <b>html</b></p>

*Why* do you want that output? In general, it's better to keep wellformed XHTML content as XML instead of plain text (escaped markup).

> ...

I agree, but it's for an external company and theire requirements says it has to be CDATA.
But it is wellformed XHTML so I can't really see a reason either?
Maybe it's because they import from many different companies and some og those can't suplly wellformed XHTML.

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