Re: [xsl] Non-xml source documents

Subject: Re: [xsl] Non-xml source documents
From: James Fuller <jim.fuller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2005 09:40:08 +0100
Gladian wrote:

Hi Jim,

Hello Gladian,

I would really appreciate it if you can send me an example of the Flat
text to XML XSLT. I require this for SAP XI Mapping and this is the

generally XSLT 2.0 processes flat text much better then XSLT 1.0... in addition, transclusion is handled better...take a look here

if I remember correctly mapping something like SAP XI is a pain in the butt, ...XSLT 1.0/2.0 is good at these type of complex mappings...and sometimes quicker...though if your docs grow to huge size then perf starts being a serious issue as it is with any XML processing.

first step though, are you not mapping XML files to XML? You say you map TEXT 2 XML but I thought SAP XI slings XML around....can you could provide an example source and desired target document...perhaps one of us can assist.

easiest (Only?) way to do this for the J2EE adapter. My email address

XSLT is not the only way....there exists some java (swing?) mapping tools as well.

gl, Jim Fuller

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