[xsl] current context preceding-sibling then following-sibling

Subject: [xsl] current context preceding-sibling then following-sibling
From: Karl Stubsjoen <kstubs@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 08:14:19 -0700

I have complex xpath query which I need help with.  Let me first jump
to the question which appears to be the hangup:

the context of the following-sibling following a preceding-sibling
should result you in the context of the current sibling?

Often times with a problem like this there is another or better
approach.  I may have reached the point where I need to try another
approach.  However, I am so close to the correct solution that I wish
to persue this just a bit further.  Let me see if I can explain what
it is I am trying to accomplish:

The short of it is, I am comparing the preceding-sibling with the
current.  The preceding-sibling must contain the code "XYZ" when the
current contains the code "WXY".

You derive the code to match by a code lookup which is part of the XML
source.  So, for current you can determine what the
preceding-sibling's code should be by first looking in the code
section at the top of the source.

So, code "WXY" is only valid when the preceding-sibling is code "XYZ"
(as an example).

A mock up XML:

    <CODE name="WXY">
      <RESULT code="XYZ" />
      <RESULT code="WXY"/>

You might be asking why preceding-sibling followed by following-sibling:
Because the RESULT code for current is actually an ID which is
resolved in CODE lookup above (not shown here) ... well, let me just
add the actual xpath expressions here and maybe it will be easier to

My "hard coded method" works perfectly...

( 33 )]/preceding-sibling::record[field[@fieldname='ExitActivityValue']
= ( 'W4' ) ]

Each value within the ( ) needs to be replaced with an appropriate
xpath statement.

So, the first ( 33 ) above is replaced with the following:

/root/recordset[@rsName='Codes']/record[field[@fieldname='Section']= (
209 )]/field[@fieldname='ID']

This XPATH still works great but now I need to replace the ( 209 ),
but this is not really an issue so we'll skip to the ( 'W4' ).

The ( 'W4' ) is replaced with:

/root/recordset[@rsName='Codes']/record[field[@fieldname='ID']= ( 33

Now, it is this next ( 33 ) which is the problem!  This value is
really the current siblings RefEntryActivityID, which the current
sibling is now out of context? (that is a question).  Notice that ( 33
) is part of the right hand side of a preceding-sibling.  So, couldn't
I just go following-sibling at this point?  Which doesn't appear to be
working... Here are my 3 attempts at getting this ( 33 ) value from
the original current context (none work):

33 = field[@fieldname='RefEntryActivityID']
33 = ./field[@fieldname='RefEntryActivityID']
33 = following-sibling::record/field[@fieldname='RefEntryActivityID']

Thanks for the help!


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