Re: [xsl] break or exit in xsl?

Subject: Re: [xsl] break or exit in xsl?
From: Dimitre Novatchev <dnovatchev@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2005 22:31:52 +1100
On Mon, 07 Mar 2005 12:00:52 +0100, Katharina Kreis
<katharinakreis@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi!
> I need to exit my xsl:for-each tag when I'm reaching a value. Example:
> <xsl:for-each select="Person/Age">
>    <xsl:if test=".='30'>
>       ...
>       <!-- Here I need to exit xsl:for-each -->
>    </xsl:if>
> </xsl:for-each>
> ...
> In Java or C++ there exists a break or exit keyword to do this. How can
> I do this with xsl?

This effect can be achieved using *not* an xsl:for-each instruction,
but a template (or xsl:function), which, if the "stop-function"
doesn't evaluate to true on the first item of a given sequence,
processes this first item and then calls itself recursively to process
the tail of the list/sequence.

Dimitre Novatchev.

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