[xsl] [announce]Free Tiger XSLT Mapper Developer Edition Is available

Subject: [xsl] [announce]Free Tiger XSLT Mapper Developer Edition Is available
From: Jun Zhang <june@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 23:01:35 -0800
Dear XSL-List,

XSLT has never been so easy.

Don't you have to learn XSLT first? Not exactly. When you use Tiger, you dont need to know XSLT syntax, such as match, for-each, apply-templates.

Tiger is purely a mapper, not an editor. Tiger doesnt have syntax context sensitive keyword help , and doesnt ask you to define match. The only thing you need to know is which input maps to which output, and then drag & drop. Do what you do best and leave the dirty work to Tiger.

/*For an Advanced XSLT user, Tiger can save you up to 95% of time when creating XSLT style sheet.*/

   * Auto Mapping: When you have input and expected output XML
     structures, you can automatically generate mappings and the
     corresponding style sheet with a click of a button.
   * Auto Matching: automatically defines match, for-each,
   * Auto Optimizing: can automatically generate optimized XSLT style
   * XPath Editing : fully supports XPath.
   * Expression Wizard: expedites the process of creating complex
   * Conditional Processing: supports If, Choose-When-Otherwise

Download a free Developer Edition from : http://www.axizon.com/download.php

Best Regards,


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