Re: [xsl] A few problems with XSL:FO

Subject: Re: [xsl] A few problems with XSL:FO
From: Sven Waibel <sven.waibel@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 08:44:36 +0100

i think you should go to fop-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx That's extra for FOP.


senetex@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi!
> I have a few problems with my FO output and I hope somebody can help me!
> My first problem are fo:markers, which I use to display subtotals in pages. The
> calculation is correct but a different formatting is not possible!
> Here is the output sample of one fo:marker:
> <fo:table-cell display-align="before" border-left-style="solid"
> border-left-color="#000000" border-left-width="1px" padding-top="2px"
> padding-bottom="2px" padding-left="2px" padding-right="2px">
>   <fo:block>
>     <fo:marker marker-class-name="1">4</fo:marker>
>   </fo:block>
>   <fo:block font-family="sans-serif" font-size="10pt">1</fo:block>
> </fo:table-cell>
> The fo:marker is embedded into a table and therefore into an fo:table-cell. The
> first block contains the marker, the second one the content of the table-cell.
> Here is the ouput sample of the fo:retrieve-marker:
> <fo:table-cell text-align="center" background-color="#CCCCCC"
> border-top-style="solid" border-top-color="#000000" border-top-width="1px"
> border-bottom-style="solid" border-bottom-color="#000000"
> border-bottom-width="1px" border-left-style="solid" border-left-color="#000000"
> border-left-width="1px" border-right-style="solid" border-right-color="#000000"
> border-right-width="1px" padding-top="10px" padding-bottom="10px">
>   <fo:block font-family="sans-serif" font-size="16pt" font-weight="bold">
>     <fo:inline font-family="sans-serif" font-size="20pt"
>       font-weight="bold">
>       <fo:retrieve-marker retrieve-position="last-starting-within-page" 
>          retrieve-boundary="page" retrieve-class-name="1"/>
>     </fo:inline> Report Test - Header!
>   </fo:block>
> </fo:table-cell>
> The retrieve-marker is embedded into an inline element to make different
> formatting possible. But the problem is, that the retrieved content of the
> marker doesn't inherit any of the given properties. Is there an error in my
> sylesheet or is there no possibility to make a different formatting?
> Another problem are links in my resulting PDF document. I have a page with a
> table with a header and footer. If the footer contains any formatting area and
> there is a link in the body of the table, the active area of the link (the area
> where the mouse changes and the hover-area is located) is shifted down and not
> consistent with the object area, which should represent the link. I found that
> the formatting areas of the footer are the problem --> if there is no content in
> the footer or there is no footer, the link-area is correct, otherwise there is
> this shift. I hope my description was clear (I am from Austria ;)).
> I would like to know if there is any possibility to display the total ammount of
> pages transformed?
> A last question: I need a WordML reference and tutorials. Does anybody know
> links or pages where I can find some good stuff?
> Greetz SeNeTeX
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