Re: [xsl] filtering elements using identity transform

Subject: Re: [xsl] filtering elements using identity transform
From: omprakash.v@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 19:52:16 +0530

    Thanks. Like I mentioned earlier, the xml is embedded inside the html
and I would like to get to the xml using the identity transform. I didn't
realize that doing the above will give rise to the problem of some <td>s
being in no-namespace and some in the <urn:hl7-org/v3>.  I  will have to
check on using
<td xmlns=""> to see if the html renderer will support this.

I however got good results when I used <xsl:template match="node
()[local-name() = 'table'] etc. An article I read on the web discouraged
using local-name b'cos it strips the prefixes. The recommended one was
<xsl:template match="node()[not(starts-with(name(), "b:"))]. But this
wouldn't work when the elements are in the default namespace and do not
have a prefix on them as in my case.

Ofcourse, using local-name would not work for the case when my xml input
itself is xhtml. Then I would have html interspersed with xhtml. Is this

Your suggestions are appreciated.


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] You were right. There was an xmlns in my xhtml input and Iam
] surprised nobody saw it because it was there in the xhtml snippet I
] yesterday.

we needed to know if there was (or was not) one on the top level
element. Your latest posting shows that there is not one.

] <html>
]   <head>
]   </head>
]   <body>
]     <p>
]       <table>
]        <tr>

so these are html elements in no-namespace.
A template such as  match="p" would match these elements

]           <slideshow author="Yours Truly" title="Sample Slide Show" date
]      ="Date of publication"  xmlns="urn:hl7-org/v3">

here you change to the namespace urn:hl7-org/v3

]          <td>
The namespace urn:hl7-org/v3 is still in effect here so this is not td in
no-namespace but is td in the namespace urn:hl7-org/v3
match="td" will therefore _not_ match this element.
You could use
match="v3:td" xmlns:v3="urn:hl7-org/v3 "
but most likely to intend this td element to be in the same namespace
as the surrounding <table> in which case your input is in error and you
need <td xmlns="">


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