Re: [xsl] xsl list item writes over the label?

Subject: Re: [xsl] xsl list item writes over the label?
From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 17:54:18 -0500
At 05:05 PM 3/31/2005, you wrote:
Thanks!  However, I think that I am using the wrong
sturcture b/c I am wanting the items to be right
justified.  So I might need to use a table instead.

Nope: tables are a hack to do in HTML what HTML can't do very well any other way.

XSL-FO has full support for right justification. (Try to format even plain generic Hebrew or Arabic without being able to flush right. HTML wasn't designed with the requirements of non-Western languages in mind; XSL was. :-)

You'll learn all about it in Ken's book, which you'll find at

or in any of several other decent FO books.


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