Re: [xsl] appending to result-document

Subject: Re: [xsl] appending to result-document
From: Rahil <qamar_rahil@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2005 11:19:59 +0100
Hi Michael

When trying to debug my program I realised that the package that was imported to recognise the Emitter class was 'net.sf.saxon.event.Emitter'. However when looking up more information on the net I noticed that there was a post from you in which you'd mentioned the package 'com.icl.saxon.output.Emitter'. Are they essentially the same classes as I cant find a corresponding jar file to include in my claspath ?

My Java code with the Emitter class looks as such so far :
import net.sf.saxon.Controller;
import net.sf.saxon.event.Emitter;

TransformerFactory transMapFact = TransformerFactory.newInstance(  );
Transformer transMap = transMapFact.newTransformer(mapXsltSource);
transMap.transform(mapXmlSource, mapResult);

       Controller control = (Controller)transMap;
       Emitter msg = control.getMessageEmitter();
       System.out.println("msg = " + msg);
           msg.setWriter(new FileWriter("D:\\Coding\\Log\\sample.xml"));
       }catch(IOException e){

My XSL file has a simple <xsl:message> embedded in an <xsl:template> block
<xsl:message><xsl:value-of select="$clsNm"/></xsl:message>

Am I using the wrong Emitter class due to which I am not getting any results?


Rahil wrote:

Thanks a lot Michael for the very helpful response.

Ive already taken the first shot at using the Controller class. At the moment my MessageEmitter class is getting no messages and returns a 'null'. Ive declared an <xsl:message> in the .xsl file however.

But Ill try a few more approaches and do some debugging as well. Im sure it'll work and will resolve my query.

Much appreciate all your help.

Thanks again

Michael Kay wrote:

I have used xsl:message several times to debug my files or test intermediary output. But I wasnt aware that I could actually store these messages in some file. Could you either tell me how to do it or point me to some web page where I can read some more ?

The simplest answer is to redirect standard error output from the command
line, using


However, this will divert all error output, including real error messages,
warnings, etc. A better solution is to redirect the message output
selectively. You can do this from Java but not from the command line.

You probably have to dive into the Saxon Javadoc for documentation.

If you use JAXP with Saxon, you can cast the Transformer object to a

The Controller has a method setMessageEmitter() which you can use to capture
all xsl:message output if you want to go that far. More simply, you can call
getMessageEmitter() which will return a net.sf.saxon.event.MessageEmitter


which has a setWriter() method that you can use to set the output
destination to a Writer of your own choosing (or perhaps more simply, a
setStreamResult() method.)

(Note, recent versions of JAXP specify that message output should be sent to
the ErrorListener, which I believe is the Xalan convention. Saxon doesn't
follow this convention. In general, the content of an xsl:message is XML
rather than merely text, and the ErrorListener is only able to handle text.
The MessageEmitter receives the message as XML, in event form.)

Michael Kay

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