SV: [xsl] output encoding problem (can't get UTF-8)

Subject: SV: [xsl] output encoding problem (can't get UTF-8)
From: "Gabriel K" <gabriel.klappenbach@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2005 19:02:51 +0200
Yes, I just found a page explaining that, and using it like you specified
now it outputs UTF-8 correctly, with the charset attribute in the META tag
set to UTF-8 as well.

Now I have a follow up question. I get an UTF-8 encoded XML document that I
load into a DOM object and then transform (the "domXML" below).
The xml is this:

So everything looks fine, the XML is UTF-8, the transformation outputs
UTF-8. BUT, the characters E D V in the xml-file are encoded and I can't get
them to look correct no matter what encoding I choose in the browser.
I don't understand why this is happening in the transformation! I mean if
everything is UTF-8 it should work fine right?

The result is this:

Any hints on what's happening?


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> Subject: [xsl] output encoding problem (can't get UTF-8)
> I specify UTF-8 in my templates output element.
> The transformation is done in ASP with IXSLTransform:
> ..
> processor.input = domXML
> processor.transform()
> Response.write(processor.output)
> The problem is that in the meta tag of the produced HTML page, there's no
> encoding attribute at all.
> The characters E D V only look good when I set the brower to read the page
> as ISO-8859-1. When I choose UTF-8 in the browser those characters are
> questionmarks instead.
> Why can't I get my output in UTF-8? It shouldn't matter what the input to
> the XSL is right? Because it converts it all to Unicode in memory?
> Any help would be much appreciated.
> /Gabriel
> Because you are using the output property incorrectly. If you don't set it
> it
> will be a string which in ASP will always be UTF-16.
> You need to set the output prior to transforming:
> processor.input = domXML
> processor.output = Response
> processor.transform()
> See here for more:
> us/xmlsdk/html/0699dcba-7721-40cb-9faf-e76c35af8d05.asp?frame=true
> --
> Joe

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