[xsl] Breaking from the for-each loop in transformer

Subject: [xsl] Breaking from the for-each loop in transformer
From: Oleg Konovalov <olegkon@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 00:32:22 -0400

I am trying to fix bug in Cocoon [2.0.4] app and XSL1.0.
XSSF transformer reads Excel XLS file and then we insert the data into
the database
table using SQLTransformer.
This particular date column is NOT nullable, so now it now populates
it with trunc(sysdate)
if the data in XSL is in wrong format or the cell is not of DATE type.

But that Data is extremely important to business, so what I am trying to do
to break out of creating insert and show the user an error message to
fix XLS file.

I am inside the for-each loop (going through cells in row) in SQL
That row processing is triggered by apply-template.
I am trying to break out of the loop like:
using redirect to "my_url?error=1", and on that form I try to handle that
but for some reason it's not redirecting.

Also tried to populate that DB column with null to create SQL exception
and than put xsl handle-error block in the pipeline in XMAP,
but that still doesn't resirect to an error page.

Any suggestions ?

Thank you in advance,

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