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Subject: RE: RE: [xsl] Problem with sum function in XSLT
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Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 15:56:45 -0400
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Subject:  RE: [xsl] Problem with sum function in XSLT

Hi All, 

If the contents of a xml node has links/anchors and html tags in it,
what should be done to make sure that those anchors also show up as
anchors in the created html.

I am using the below statement to shoe the contents of the node :
<xsl:value-of select="/TEST_CONTENT//Issue"

The elelemnt of the issue node is  : 
     <Issue >
			This is :<a href="";>revants
linik</a> the best link.

I want that the anchor and html tagging in the contents of the node
"Issue" which has text,anchors and html tags inside should be siaplyed
in the htmls as it is. As of now, the output comes like this : 

: This is :revants linik the best link. 

Your help will be greatly appreciated.


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From: Ross, Douglas [mailto:DRoss@xxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: RE: [xsl] XLST documentation

In addition to the w3 xslt spec, I like even though it is
specific to Saxon implementation it is condensed and useful with many
links to the w3 spec. Also, has a lot of
resources. And of course this list! If all that fails there is Google,

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Subject: [xsl] XLST documentation

	I am new to the XSLT. Please send me the some good

Thanks in Advance,

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