RE: [xsl] dynamic variable name/implementation question

Subject: RE: [xsl] dynamic variable name/implementation question
From: Ed S <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 10:15:10 -0700
> > That is, without the stylesheet knowing the name
> > of the parameter,
> Clearly the stylesheet needs to know the names of its own parameters.
> As in most languages, variable enames are compile-time constructs.

Well of course.  I beleive you may have taken my statement out of
context (or I may have incorrectly implied the specific ability of the
xslt parameter name to be dynamic)
Many languages have constructs such as key/value sets, eval() type
statements, and "variable" variables.  I was just wondering if there
was a way to do this with data passed in to the stylesheet by the
processor, as Mr. Kay has pointed that his Saxon will do.

> However source file can include the name of a secondary file that the
> stylesheet then inputs with document() which seems to be what you need
> here.
> > I don't beleive using the document() function would work to retrive the
> > result of a php script as XML
> If you reference the script via a http URI then document() will see
> whatever is returned by an http GET on that URI, which will be the
> result of running the script, not the source of the script.
> If you reference it by a file:: uri it will most likely just try to read
> the source as xml.

I didn't realize that you could specify an http URI to the document()
function.  I think this will get me where I'm going.  My only concern
is the context in which the script is executed.  Specifically, it seems
that it will take some manual intervention to pass along all of the
information from the HTTP headers, etc. from the original request
originating from the browser.

Thanks David

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