[xsl] Using XPath to combine text from multiple nodes?

Subject: [xsl] Using XPath to combine text from multiple nodes?
From: <mark.allanson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 16:41:52 +0200
Hi guys & girls,

Is there any way to write an XPath expression that will combine the text
within two nodes and return a text node that contains the combined strings.
Maybe concat and do what I want, but I have been unable to think of a way to
use the concat function to do what I am after. For an example:

<Employee first="Mark" second="Allanson" />

What I would like to do in this case is to effectively return a node that
contains the text "MarkAllanson".  Although I don't think this would affect
any solutions, the xpath processor is the .Net Framework v1.1.

Another solution I guess would be to be able to write an XPath that could
return node list, and I could then iterate the nodes in code to compile the
string in code; This raises another question of can you use XPath to select
nodes from two distinct areas of code. For example:

 <Employee first="Mark" last="Allanson" />

Is it possible to write an XPath to return a node list that contains both the
first attribute of the employee and the City element of the address?

Any idea's most welcome!



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