RE: [xsl] help understanding xslt processing model

Subject: RE: [xsl] help understanding xslt processing model
From: jonec@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2005 12:57:06 -0700 (PDT)
Thanks I picked both up, it's been VERY helpful and is exactly the sort of
thing I was looking for. :)

Highly recommened to others.

best regards,

>Some people are happy to learn from examples by trial and error; it looks to
>me as if you're the sort of person who isn't content with that, and wants to
>understand the underlying concepts.
>That's the sort of person whom I had in mind as the target audience for my
>XSLT Programmer's Reference. After using XSLT for a month or so you're
>exactly at the right stage to get a lot of value from the book. The only
>difficult choice is whether to get the 2nd edition (covering XSLT 1.0) or
>the third (for XSLT 2.0) - note that in the latter case, you should get the
>companion volume on XPath 2.0 as well.
>Michael Kay
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>> Subject: [xsl] help understanding xslt processing model
>> HI,
>> I have quite a bit of programming experience but after using xslt forr
>> about a month (using web and oreilly book mostly), I still am all too
>> often befuddled as to why my output is a certain way and not
>> another :(
>> I can attribute allmost all my errors to a lack of
>> understanding of how
>> the xslt processor is walking through the style sheet/input document
>> and applying my rules and the default rules.
>> Could anyone perhaps point me to any good reference martial
>> on understandin
>> g the model more in depth?
>> I really wish I could just see it in pseudo code; with the default
>> template logic too. Just because that's the sort of thing I
>> understand fairly readily, it shows the logic. foreach this do
>> this, while this etc.
>> I'm using mostly libxslt on linux to transform xml to html. I've tried
>> a few debuggers to see the walking through of the stylesheet as it
>> happens, but the linux debuggers aren't very good and often can't make
>> it through the sheet heh.
>> any help appreciated!
>> thanks, Jone

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