RE: [xsl] Variable Problems

Subject: RE: [xsl] Variable Problems
From: "James Game" <jgame@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 10:09:50 +0100
Hi Joris  (don't know what happened with previous post)

This is an example of data I have pulled from another source and I will be
looking for the same structure.  The fields are obviously named slightly
different but you get the idea.  This is the output I receive once run
through Oxygen using Xalan.

Im not too sure where the XML / XSL disagree (original post)- could you
point that out for me.

Many Thanks,

<DATAPACKET xmlns:ReutersNS="";
Version="2.0"><METADATA><FIELDS><FIELD WIDTH="255" fieldtype="string"
<FIELD WIDTH="255" fieldtype="string" attrname="price"></FIELD>
<FIELD WIDTH="255" fieldtype="string" attrname="status"></FIELD>
<FIELD WIDTH="255" fieldtype="string" attrname="starpoint1"></FIELD>
<FIELD WIDTH="255" fieldtype="string" attrname="starpoint2"></FIELD>
<FIELD WIDTH="255" fieldtype="string" attrname="starpoint3"></FIELD>
<FIELD WIDTH="255" fieldtype="string" attrname="starpoint4"></FIELD>
<FIELD WIDTH="255" fieldtype="string" attrname="image1"></FIELD>
<FIELD WIDTH="255" fieldtype="string" attrname="image2"></FIELD>
<FIELD WIDTH="255" fieldtype="string" attrname="image3"></FIELD>
<FIELD WIDTH="255" fieldtype="string" attrname="image4"></FIELD>
<FIELD WIDTH="255" fieldtype="string" attrname="street"></FIELD>
<FIELD WIDTH="255" fieldtype="string" attrname="town"></FIELD>
<FIELD WIDTH="255" fieldtype="string" attrname="county"></FIELD>
<ROWDATA><ROW county="East Sussex" town="Brighton" street="Campbell Road"
image3="" image2="" image1="HIR00001863.JPG" starpoint4="Bathroom"
starpoint3="2 Bedrooms" starpoint2="Kitchen" starpoint1="Lounge"
price="&pound;155,000" status="On Market" id="HIR00002400"></ROW>
<ROW county="East Sussex" town="Brighton" street="Canfield Road" image3=""
image2="" image1="HIR00001771.JPG" starpoint4="3 Bedrooms"
starpoint3="Kitchen" starpoint2="Dining Room" starpoint1="Lounge"
price="OIEO &pound;210,000" status="On Market" id="HIR00002554"></ROW>
<ROW county="East Sussex" town="Brighton" street="Ingham Drive" image3=""
image2="" image1="HIR00001785.JPG" starpoint4="Utility Room"
starpoint3="Kitchen" starpoint2="Dining Room" starpoint1="Lounge"
price="&pound;174,950" status="On Market" id="HIR00002571"></ROW>
<ROW county="East Sussex" town="Brighton" street="Pankhurst Avenue"
image3="" image2="" image1="HIR00001733.JPG" starpoint4="Separate WC"
starpoint3="Bathroom" starpoint2="Kitchen" starpoint1="Lounge"
price="&pound;179,950" status="On Market" id="HIR00002584"></ROW>
<ROW county="East Sussex" town="Brighton" street="Upper Lewes Road"
image3="" image2="" image1="HIR00001752.JPG" starpoint4="Rear Walled Patio
Garden" starpoint3="Bathroom" starpoint2="Bedroom" starpoint1="Open Plan
Lounge/Kitchen" price="&pound;120,000" status="On Market"
<ROW county="East Sussex" town="Brighton" street="Haig Avenue" image3=""
image2="" image1="HIR00001797.JPG" starpoint4="2 Bedrooms"
starpoint3="Utility/Storage Area" starpoint2="Kitchen" starpoint1="Through
Lounge/Dining Room" price="&pound;167,000" status="On Market"
<ROW county="East Sussex" town="Brighton" street="Arnold Street" image3=""
image2="" image1="HIR00001769.JPG" starpoint4="" starpoint3="" starpoint2=""
starpoint1="" price="&pound;200,000 - &pound;220,000" status="On Market"


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> I am trying to extract all data highlighted in Red on my XML and 
> populate to the rows specified.  As you can see the xml structure is 
> not the freindliest (especially to a newb) and i am finding this very 
> hard going.  So far i have manged to get the data output but not into 
> the rows. I would appreciate any help you guys can offer pointing me in
the right direction.

Your XML and XSLT disagree (you're attempting to extract nodes that do not
Could you provide the output you'd like to have? Then I might have a better
chance to put you on the right track...

Joris Gillis (
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