RE: [xsl] Apply-templates - how to omit top level element tags?

Subject: RE: [xsl] Apply-templates - how to omit top level element tags?
From: "Nathan Young \(natyoung\)" <natyoung@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 14:43:21 -0700
Hi Mike.

> BTW, I think my comments are stepping on the toes of the "XSLT
> religion", for that I am sorry.  I am just a Secularist and try to
> critical thinking whenever possible, but of course I'm human so I'm
> still flawed.

When XSLT is a good fit for a problem, it is a phenomenally good fit.
When it's a bad fit it's incredibly frustrating.  Unfortunately it's
totally possible to take an approach to a problem that could be a good
fit, but find that the approach makes it a very bad fit.

The fact that it's so different from procedural and object oriented
languages only exacerbates this for newcomers, who are vastly more
likely to choose bad fits than good ones.  But the great strengths XSL
has are inextricably tied to these differences.

I think this opacity contributes to the impression that the XSL
community is religiously attached to the technology and obsessed with
"style".  The fact is that the religion is really pragmatic... It's an
incredibly useful language.  And the style is really pragmatic too...
It's incredibly important to choose an approach that fits what XSL does


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