Re: [xsl] unwanted xmlns and shape attributes

Subject: Re: [xsl] unwanted xmlns and shape attributes
From: Manfred Staudinger <manfred.staudinger@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 16:36:25 +0200
Hi David,

> > a. The inserted anchor shows xmlns="" as an attribute,
> >    but how do I to get rid of it?
>you can put the namespace declaration on the literal result
> element <a> in the stylesheet.
Yes, thats what I wanted, problem solved, thanks.

> > b. The second anchor shows a shape="rect" attribute,
> >    which is not in the source and again the question
> >    is how do I to get rid of it?
> It is in the source tree as seen by xslt: it is defaulted by the dtd so
> added by the xml parser while building the input tree before xslt starts.
> You either need to stop the dtd being read by either removing teh
> <!DOCTYPE or using an entity resolver that ignores it, or change your
> styleshet not to copy but instead traverse down the tree and omit this
> attribute. Note that if you remove the dtd you may need to explictly add
> an xmlns=""; to your source (as it is
> defaulted by the dtd, and otherwise teh elements will be in no-namespace
> if you remove the dtd)
I suspected the doc() or copy-of, but didn't
think on the dtd. I'll have to think about and to check whether this
"shape" does create any problems with browsers.

Thanks again for your answers, Manfred
I have to think about that.

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