[xsl] Find out current node and display next one

Subject: [xsl] Find out current node and display next one
From: Ragnar Heil <r@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 14:36:44 +0200

using the following xml I want to find out with XSLT which node is the next to the current node. "Next" is defined as a number-prefix of the node-title"

I know my current node-title by using the templating API of my Content Management Software:
set objCurrentNodeTitle = Page.Title

If my CurrentNode has got the Title "001 von Page1" I want to get the Item ID of the next one. I know that the title of the next node is ="002 Kopie von Page1"

<tcm:ListItems xmlns:tcm="http://www.CMS.com/ContentManager/5.0"; ID="tcm:9-10-4" Managed="68"><tcm:Item ID="tcm:9-26-64" Title="001 von Page1" Type="64" Modified="2005-09-10T14:30:18" Icon="T64L0P0"/><tcm:Item ID="tcm:9-28-64" Title="002 Kopie von Page1" Type="64" Modified="2005-09-10T14:31:34" Icon="T64L0P0"/><tcm:Item ID="tcm:9-27-64" Title="003 Kopie 3 von Page1" Type="64" Modified="2005-09-10T14:30:38" Icon="T64L0P0"/><tcm:Item ID="tcm:9-25-64" Title="004 Kopie von Page1" Type="64" Modified="2005-09-10T14:30:57" Icon="T64L0P0"/><tcm:Item ID="tcm:9-24-64" Title="index" Type="64" Modified="2005-09-10T14:31:10" Icon="T64L0P0"/></tcm:ListItems>

thank you in advance

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