[xsl] <xsl:number?

Subject: [xsl] <xsl:number?
From: Dan Vint <dvint@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 12:59:26 -0700
I thought I understood how number worked but recently I have come across tow places where my sequence restarts in unusual places. For instance I have a simple numbering for footnotes that looks like this:

<xsl:number count="footnote" from="div1" format="1"/>

The way I understand this, the footnotes should be numbered sequentially starting at 1, and restart at one when ever a new div1 is seen.

The result I get in my output for several footnotes that fall on the same page and inside the same div1 is as follows:


Now these footnotes fall in different elements, nested at different levels, but all within the same div1. Is there something else that can affect the numbering sequence outside of the statement I have quoted above?

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