RE: [xsl] IXSLProcessor - input in UTF-8?

Subject: RE: [xsl] IXSLProcessor - input in UTF-8?
From: "Gabriel" <gabriel.klappenbach@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 17:55:06 +0200
Well I can adjust the output encoding to whatever I want, for instance UTF-8
or ISO-8859-1. And yes I do this in the stylesheets output element.
However, the characters edv in the output only look fine IF and only if the
input XML document is encoded in ISO-8859-1. If it is, everything is fine
regardless of output encoding, it looks fine whichever I choose.

That is why it seems to me that IXSLProcessor only reads it input in that
encoding, and ignores the declaration in the XML document.
But you are convinced that IXSLProcessor follows the input encoding
specified in the XML?


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> Skickat: den 14 september 2005 17:22
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> Dmne: RE: [xsl] IXSLProcessor - input in UTF-8?
> > Well if I output the contents of the COM object, I get an UTF-8 encoded
> > XML
> > document that I can view in the browser, and edv looks fine there.
> > Same thing if I output DOM XML. But if I transform it using
> IXSLProcessor,
> > that's when edv looks weird.
> >
> > /Gabriel
> I would conclude from the fact that the DOM output from the COM component
> is fine that it's something in the transformation. Have you specified
> encoding="UTF-8"
> in the <xsl:output> element? IIRC, MSXML has a tendency to default to
> UTF-16 (or something else...). Ensure that you specify the encoding in the
> XSLT and it may solve your problems.
> Then again, from lots of past experience with MSXML, it may not :-)
> HTH,
> Nick.
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> Nick Fitzsimons

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