[xsl] xpath selection problem

Subject: [xsl] xpath selection problem
From: "Gabriel" <gabriel.klappenbach@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 17:17:28 +0200

On a document axis I have a list of nodes like this:

<node hidden=0>a</node>
<node hidden=1>b</node>
<node hidden=1>c</node>
<node hidden=0>d</node>
<node hidden=0>e</node>
<node hidden=0>f</node>
<node hidden=1>g</node>
<node hidden=1>h</node>
<node hidden=1>j</node>
<node hidden=0>k</node>

I want to select the group of consecutive nodes that have hidden=1 after the
context node, that will have hidden=0. So the context node will iterate over
the list of nodes that have hidden=0.

So if I were to output the contents of the selections, I would first get
"bc" and then "ghj"

How can I express this in xpath without using recursion? Is it possible
doing this without calling a template that uses recursion? That is, I would
like to have an expression, something like
following-sibling::*[@hidden=1], but with the addition that it excludes the
nodes in the other groups... 


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