[xsl] re-sorting an XML tree

Subject: [xsl] re-sorting an XML tree
From: Dennis Holdorf <fhwf@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 00:49:30 +0200

i am using the current version of Apache xalan/Xerces and i am facing a problem with re-sorting an XML file.

The file is sorted by 'InternalId' but is has to be sorted by the 'name' attribute. I tried to order all 'category' elements including their child nodes without loosing any attribute or sub elements with different statements like:

<xsl:copy-of select = "category/@name" />

...but i just can't get it to work right.
(he hole file even has a lot more nested nodes)
I do get an XML file as follows out of a system
(i am unable to influence):

<taxonomy name="web_taxonomy" className="Generic" internalId="0b0164e08000367e" taxonomyVersion="1.0">
<category name="040 Services" className="Generic" internalId="0b0164e080003694">
<details title="Service">
<category name="020 Products" className="Generic" internalId="0b0164e080003695">
<details title="Produkte">
<category name="010 Library" className="Generic" internalId="0b0164e080003696">
<details title="Bibliothek">

<-- snip -->

Thx a lot, i appreciate your help!


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