[xsl] Sibling or Node manipulation

Subject: [xsl] Sibling or Node manipulation
From: siarom egrub <egrubs@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 13:04:41 -0700 (PDT)
I have the following XML 

  <criLine>Your Name (Print):</criLine>
  <criLine>Your Signature:</criLine>
  <criLine>Your Job Title:</criLine>
  <criLine>Telephone Number:</criLine>

How can I get the "Date:" line to aligned across from
(horizontal to) the "Your Signature:" line my output
PDF file? 

I have this tried

<xsl:template match="customersRepInfo">
 <xsl:for-each select="criLine">
    <fo:block space-before="3mm" font-size="4.8mm">
	 <xsl:value-of select="preceding-sibling::*
[2]."/>&#160;&#160;<!--This doesn't display the
"Telephone Number:" line--->
	 <!--<xsl:value-of select="."/>--> <!--Displays all
the lines in same order as XML--->
	 <fo:leader leader-length="3in"

but without the solution that I want.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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