Re: [xsl] For-each and keys()

Subject: Re: [xsl] For-each and keys()
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 16:52:16 +0100
> You seem to know, given the way you mention for-each. Perhaps then you
> can tell me where the code I have errs.

Not really as I couldn't guess what the code that you have would do
(since the code that you posted would produce no output as it has syntax
errors and I couldn't in all cases what syntax you intended.) 

> Here's what I've got. (as short as I can possibly make it).
Really that's too short, as I'd have to guess the definitions of the
variables used. Can you not make a small (6 line) input file, and a
small (complete) xslt file  that exhibits the problem that you are
having, and say what output you want. If you post code that can be
executed _someone_ on the list will execute it and comment on wha it's


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