RE: [xsl] Line Numbering

Subject: RE: [xsl] Line Numbering
From: "Kevin Brown" <kevin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006 01:27:11 -0700

Just to note, in RenderX XEP there is a line numbering extension that may
serve your needs if you require line numbering in print (PDF, PostScript)
output. The custom extension was added specifically to the requirements for
producing the State of California legislation.

You can contact us offline and we'll get you information on using the
extension. I wouldn't want to clog the list with this since it really is
outside the scope of XSL, unless there are others interested in this
implementation and they chime in.

Example PDFs using this technique are on our web site
( see page 2. There
are many more posted live at the State of California Legislative site
( All legislation for the State of
California is produced using this extension. 

Here is one example

Kevin Brown

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