[xsl] Selecting text between two tags

Subject: [xsl] Selecting text between two tags
From: "Petar Tahchiev" <paranoiabla@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2006 14:25:45 +0300
Hello everybody.

This is my first message to the list. :-)

Here is my problem: I have an html file that has a structure like this:
Some-more <p>-s and text
<p>Some more text<p>

Now i want to make a xml file that has this structure:
Some-more <p>-s and text
<some other> things
So my question is how to get the text between the first
<h2>description</h2> and the second <h2>parameters</h2> tag and place
it in the <m:description></m:description> tag

Thanks in advance.

-- Regards, Petar! Karlovo, Bulgaria.

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