Re: [xsl] usage of entities (for dummies)

Subject: Re: [xsl] usage of entities (for dummies)
From: "Georg Hohmann" <georg.hohmann@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 13:04:22 +0200
Many thanks for the detailed explanations. Yet another tile in the
giant jigsaw called xslt ... ;-)


2006/8/7, David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>:

> but this something different. Or isn't it? Could you explain what > "as='element(mod)*'" means?

It's the same (more or less). It's a "Sequence Type" sequence types have
two forms value types like xs:integer and node types like this which
in this case (with a *) means a sequence of 0-or-more elements of name
mod. If you don't specify a type here then xsl:variable would have made
a sequence of one document node (/) and the mod elements would have been
children of that. (That would also have been usable in this case,
although slightly less efficient and verbose and you would generate the
extra / node layer)


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