Re[2]: [xsl] How do you remove namespace?

Subject: Re[2]: [xsl] How do you remove namespace?
From: Florent Georges <darkman_spam@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006 02:05:10 +0200 (CEST)
Arthur Maloney wrote:

> Monday, August 14, 2006, 6:05:41 PM, you wrote:

> > Arthur Maloney wrote:

> >> I want to get rid of xmlns:asp="System.Web.UI.WebControls"

> >   Why?

> I've decided its time for me to get to grips with Xslt 2.0.
> I have some code builders in Xslt 1.0 but am starting afresh using
> Xslt 2.0, whilst I'm learning.

  I don't neiter fully understand your explanation nor look in detail
at your code.  But I think you don't respond the question: why do you
want the namespace declaration to be rid of?

  If you want your elements not belongs to this namespace, don't
generate them in this namespace.  If you want them within this
namespace, you need a namespace declaration binding a namespace prefix
(whatever you want) to the namespace URI.

  So the question is: what do you want to achive?

  PS: As Mike said, maybe you don't want your output to be
namespace-well-formed.  If you don't understand what that means, please
forget about that, you virtually don't want that.



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