Re: [xsl] New to XSLT arena

Subject: Re: [xsl] New to XSLT arena
From: Kamal Bhatt <kbhatt@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 10:50:13 +1000
I found the following pages have good intro tutorials:

Start with XPath and move to XSL.

The following is the best XSL reference on the net:

Maybe my memory is failing me and I got a lot of help from my colleague, but, from what I remember the tutorials was all I really needed to get started. From that, I was creating a "simple" webpage on some sophisticated XML. I got my head around the functional nature of XSLT (ie the use of recursion) based on code in the FAQ and a little help from a friend. But then, I had done Haskell at uni, so the concept was familiar to me.

Finally, if you want a book, look for Michael Kay's XSLT programmer's reference ( We have a couple of books at work, and I find that the best.

This mailing list (and the archives of this mailing list) are also a great reference. If you want an XSLT parser to practice with, I recommend Saxon. Admittedly, aside from the Xalan parser that comes with cocoon and Saxon, I have very little to compare against, but I have had no complaints.

Most people on the mailing list would be more than happy to clarify any questions you may have.

Senthilkumaravelan Krishnanatham wrote:
Hi Mates,
I am a beginner in XSLT concept and I want you guys to give me direction,how should i go about it to attain good practitioner level.
I need a small start up kit where I can go through myself and understand the stuff .I need head start on XSLT kind of website or book .
Any suggestion/direction would help me take the right on.

Thanks ,

Kamal Bhatt

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