RE: [xsl]Local-Global Variable help

Subject: RE: [xsl]Local-Global Variable help
From: "Colin Adams" <colinpauladams@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 12:11:35 +0100
If you want to create a local variable in template A, and use it in template B, and you call template B from template A, then you call template B with a parameter.


<xsl:template match="...">
  <xsl:varable name="myvar" select="..."/>
  <xsl:call-template name="B">
     <xsl:with-param name="myparam" select="$myvar"/>

<xsl:template name="B">
  <xsl:param name="myparam"/>


From: <m.core@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

i need to create a variable in a template and call it in another template how it can be done?

i need to create the variable in the first template because i put in it something that i match so i cannot simply create that variable as global

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