Re: [xsl] problems around →

Subject: Re: [xsl] problems around →
From: Frank Marent <frank.marent@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 12:18:29 +0200

Entity references in XML mean whatever you want them to mean. What
does the
entity declaration in the DTD have to say?

we're using isonum.ent file with the '<!ENTITY rarr "&#x2192;"> <!-- RIGHTWARDS ARROW -->' line.

I'm surprised by this output though: the Saxon serializer never
leading zeros in hex character references, though they are
perfectly legal.

the character output is bo8o8o8.


If it's `my' dtd then it says
<!ENTITY rarr             "&#x02192;" >

it *is* your dtd as far as i can understand!

we 'kill' now &#x0FE00;; characters by a character map but why could
this happen?


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