RE: [xsl] unescape-URI

Subject: RE: [xsl] unescape-URI
From: "Michael Kay" <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2006 10:43:21 +0100
Someone suggested adding this to the function library "for completeness" and
IIRC there was a general reaction that the library would never be complete
and that a specific use case was needed...

I think you'll need to call out to Java for this one.

Michael Kay


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> Subject: [xsl] unescape-URI
> Hi,
> I tried to find something in the archives but unfortunately 
> with no success.
> I would need to unescape URIs in the processed documents via 
> XSLT, but couldn't find a suitable function for that. 
> I tried to specify escape-uri-attributes="no" on my 
> <xsl:output> but with no success either.
> What would be the easiest way to unescape those URIs?
> Thanks a lot for the help!
> best regards,
> Roman

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