Re: [xsl] with-param looping problem...

Subject: Re: [xsl] with-param looping problem...
From: Robert Wilkins <wilkins.robert@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2006 20:56:19 -0400
Thanks, Jim.

That really works well. You're right, sometimes simplest is best... But here's a question - I mentioned in an earlier post that the sample code I sent represented a subset of information from a project file. Most of the processing seems to occur at the //Assignemnt node. What if I have to apply additonal filters at the //Task or //Resource levels? Suppose that there is an additional element in the //Task level that identifies 'ActiveProjects'? That was why I thought a <for each> on the //Task node was the way to go.

<Tasks> <Task> <UID>1</UID> <ID>1</ID> <ActveProject>Yes</ActiveProject> <Name>Do something</Name> </Task> <Task> <UID>2</UID> <ID>2</ID> <ActveProject>Yes</ActiveProject> <Name>Do something else</Name> </Task> <Task> <UID>3</UID> <ID>3</ID> <ActveProject>Yes</ActiveProject> <Name>Do everything else</Name> </Task> <Task> <UID>4</UID> <ID>4</ID> <ActveProject>Yes</ActiveProject> <Name>A job</Name> </Task> <Task> <UID>5</UID> <ID>5</ID> <ActveProject>Yes</ActiveProject> <Name>A biggger job</Name> </Task> <Task> <UID>6</UID> <ID>6</ID> <ActveProject>No</ActiveProject> <Name>the biggest job</Name> </Task> </Tasks> <Resources> <Resource> <UID>1</UID> <ID>1</ID> <Name>Tom</Name> </Resource> <Resource> <UID>2</UID> <ID>2</ID> <Name>Dick</Name> </Resource> <Resource> <UID>3</UID> <ID>3</ID> <Name>Harry</Name> </Resource> </Resources> <Assignments> <Assignment> <UID>1</UID> <TaskUID>1</TaskUID> <ResourceUID>1</ResourceUID> </Assignment> <Assignment> <UID>2</UID> <TaskUID>2</TaskUID> <ResourceUID>2</ResourceUID> </Assignment> <Assignment> <UID>3</UID> <TaskUID>3</TaskUID> <ResourceUID>3</ResourceUID> </Assignment> <Assignment> <UID>4</UID> <TaskUID>4</TaskUID> <ResourceUID>1</ResourceUID> </Assignment> <Assignment> <UID>5</UID> <TaskUID>5</TaskUID> <ResourceUID>2</ResourceUID> </Assignment> <Assignment> <UID>6</UID> <TaskUID>6</TaskUID> <ResourceUID>3</ResourceUID> </Assignment> </Assignments> </Project>

Again, much thanks.

------- bob wilkins ------


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