[xsl] [ANN] Wiki for XSLT, XPath and XQuery is now online

Subject: [xsl] [ANN] Wiki for XSLT, XPath and XQuery is now online
From: Abel Braaksma <abel.online@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2007 14:49:40 +0100
Hi All,

I promised this before, but now it's gone live: a wiki for XSLT, XPath and XQuery. It focuses on all three languages, and all their aspects. Though XSLT 1 may be covered, I hope that most articles that emerge will follow up on the new Recommendations.

My aim is to have, after some time, an entry point for XSLT professionals, hobbyists and language adepts, a resource they can count on. The current status of information from the internet are an FAQ, which largely covers XSLT 1 and many sites teaching you the basics of either XSLT 1 or 2. On XPath there are several resources, too, but what I am missing is a good collection that covers all aspects of the languages. With this site, I hope to fill this gap and provide a growing reference of both in-depth information and trivialities.

It has just started. There are no articles at all at the moment. It is a Wiki, using the same concepts of Wikipedia (in fact, it uses the same software, too), which means that everybody can add content: I'd like to invite you all to write an article every now and then so that this site may become a high quality repository of XSLT related material.

The wiki can be found at http://xslt.metacarpus.com. You can create an account, or edit topics directly, in which case your ip number will be logged.

Greetings to everyone and I hope to find you all on the X-X-X Wiki!

-- Abel Braaksma

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