[xsl] xsl:result-document and TrAX Transformer getOutputProperty

Subject: [xsl] xsl:result-document and TrAX Transformer getOutputProperty
From: "James A. Robinson" <jim.robinson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 10:32:31 -0800

I was wondering if folks know of a clean way to get at the output
properties for an XSL Transformation which uses xsl:result-document and
a named xsl:output?

We've got a stylesheet which normal uses an xsl:output method of xhtml,
but which in some cases needs to use a method of xml.  In those cases
we used xsl:result-document to route everything via a named xsl:output,
but it looks to me like TrAX is unable to get at that information (since
it is effectively a 'run-time' option which the Transformer does not
know about).

We ended up building a tiny 'head' stylesheet which consists of an
xsl:output declaration (which isn't actually used by the XSLT engine
but is examined by the TrAX Transformer!) and then including our normal
stylesheets. This seems like a very ugly solution.

One of the issues is that we'd rather not buffer the results of the
transformation in order to examine it, we'd like to just stream the
results out.   It was looking to me like the only way to do this is to
set up extra configuration to look at instead of using the Transformer
output properties.  I thought I should ask here in case I'm missing
the obvious.


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