Re: [xsl] Tiles in XSLT

Subject: Re: [xsl] Tiles in XSLT
From: Kamal Bhatt <kbhatt@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 10:57:17 +1100
Senthilkumaravelan K wrote:
we have one XML source and would have multiple XSLTs to handle
header,body and footer and stuff.
So that same XSLT can be reused across  and one portion can be
modified at a time so that other portion still remains untouched.
Assume my page layout looks like a X and Y co-ordinates and each
quatrant should render different xslts.
Sounds like you could use imports and have different modes for each template match so you can do the same change on multiple matches.

Each "tile" would have a different mode.

Once again, I still don't know if the question is how to do this in XSLT or what technology to use to get allow XSLT to do this.

Regards, Senthil

On 2/21/07, Kamal Bhatt <kbhatt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Senthilkumaravelan K wrote:
> Hi ,
> I have special requirement,I need to divide a page into different
> regions like tiles and each
> tile  would refer different XSLT . Each should display the content as
> per the xslt of that
> region(Tile).
> Could any one have tried in their project .
> Please provide me,how I could go about the same and include differnt
> part of HTML content in different region.
I don't know if this is a HTML question (or some other question)
masquerading as an XSLT question.

Can you please provide more information, For example, what determines
what appears in each "tile"? Are they different XML inputs or the same

Including different outputs from different XSLTs does not sound like an
XSLT, but a question on a specific technology. If that is the case, and
you are not bound to a specific technology, I would recommend looking at

Kamal Bhatt

Kamal Bhatt

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