[xsl] Re: xsl-list Digest 28 Feb 2007 06:10:00 -0000 Issue 1062

Subject: [xsl] Re: xsl-list Digest 28 Feb 2007 06:10:00 -0000 Issue 1062
From: Andy Carr1 <CARRA@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 13:43:39 +0000
Thanks for the reply drkm but I'm having trouble with the sequence 
matching on

  <xsl:template name="my:grouping">
    <xsl:param name="p" as="element(w:p)+"/>

I'm getting an "Error in XPath 2.0 expression Type error, value does not 
match required type as specified by the matching rules in 2.5.4 Sequence 
Type Matching.- 'element(w:p)+

I get the same error if I substitute "element(w:p)+" with "element()", 
"element(w:p)" or "xs:string" but "xs:integer" does not throw an error.

Any ideas.

I'm using XSL version 2.0 and XMLSpy 2007 


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