[xsl] grouping nesting items, including following items

Subject: [xsl] grouping nesting items, including following items
From: Don Smith <dtsmithisogen@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 00:47:59 -0700 (PDT)
I can't quite figure out how to group nested items and
also pick up items on the following axis for a given
group. Here's a sample source:

<slide title="Introduction" id="x1">
 <point id="x2" >
  <text>First point</text>
  <subpoints id="x3">
   <point id="x3a">
    <text>First point, subpoint 1</text>
   <point id="x3b">
    <text>First point, subpoint 2</text>
   <point id="x3c">
    <text>First point, subpoint 3</text>
    <subpoints id="x3c1">
     <point id="x3c1a" newSlide="true"  title="Intro
      <text>First point, subpoint 3, sub-subpoint 1 on
new slide</text>
     <point id="x3c1b">
      <text>First point 4, subpoint 3, sub-subpoint 2
on new slide</text>
   <point id="x4d">
    <text>First point, subpoint 4 on new slide</text>
 <point id="x5" >
  <text>Second point, on new slide</text>

Note the attribute "newSlide" on <point id="x3c1a">: I
need this element, all its descendants (if any), and
everything that follows, to be in a different group
than everything that comes before. Ideally, this would
mean each group is placed in its own document using

This is just one example, but "newSlide='true'" can
occur on any <point> or even any <subpoints>.



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