[xsl] Calling Saxon from a CGI script

Subject: [xsl] Calling Saxon from a CGI script
From: "Bhaskar _" <bhaskarji@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 06:55:30 +0000

I am using the Saxon processor for java to transform an XML into HTML. The XSL expects the user to provide two parameter values as command line arguments to Saxon. So, my call to Saxon is something like this:
java net.sf.saxon.Transform -o report.html report.xml report.xsl param1=val1 param2=val2

The values val1 and val2 are inputs in an HTML form and would be available at run-time in a CGI perl script. Once I get these values, I basically want to call Saxon as above to perform the transformation. I am trying to use the 'system' command inside the CGI perl script but it doesn't work - I am seeing the following error in the webserver error logs:

*** glibc detected *** java: free(): invalid pointer: 0xbfc7cbb8 ***, referer: http://localhost/cgi-bin/report.cgi

I do set the correct CLASSPATH inside the CGI script.

Would appreciate any help with the above issue and/or other cleaner solutions.

PS: Before I started requiring command line arguments, I used to do this by just referring to the XSL stylesheet from within the XML document and my browser did the transformation.


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