Re: [xsl] <quote>XSL is NOT easy</quote>

Subject: Re: [xsl] <quote>XSL is NOT easy</quote>
From: Nic James Ferrier <nferrier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 08:56:40 +0100
"Michael Kay" <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> XSL is NOT easy if 
>> you want to code professionally in it. It IS easy to use XSL 
>> but not well. ....
> I would agree with this entirely. But then, I think it's true of every other
> programming language as well. There is an enormous amount of bad
> unmaintainable code being written by self-taught amateur programmers, in all
> sorts of languages, and many of them are attracted to languages like XSLT
> that look easy at first sight.

Yes. Not just programming languages but CSS, HTML and Word documents

Nic Ferrier   

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