RE: [xsl] Apache FOP Processor Error

Subject: RE: [xsl] Apache FOP Processor Error
From: "Angela Williams" <Angela.Williams@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2008 15:00:42 -0600
The version of Apache FOP that ships with OxygenXML 9.0 formats this


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Subject: [xsl] Apache FOP Processor Error


I am trying to get the PDF from Apache FOP using XSL.

In the below XML file I want to format italic style for <i>text</i>.

XML file is like:

<title>Title of the document with italic <i>text</i></title>

<xsl:template match="i">
<fo:inline font-style="italic">

I can get the output in XSLFormatterV4.2 Anntana House Processor, but
can't get the output in Apace FOP.

Apace FOP not support the fo:inline????????

Please any one guides me.

S. Vanaja

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