Re: [xsl] saxon:try()

Subject: Re: [xsl] saxon:try()
From: Colin Paul Adams <colin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2008 13:01:44 +0000
>>>>> "Florent" == Florent Georges <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Florent>   Unfortunately not.  Exception handling is really
    Florent> something that lacks in XSLT.  I would really like if
    Florent> that was standardized.  I have some ideas on that subject
    Florent> there:


This is quite interesting.

Why do you say that the FOAR0001 error shouldn't be caught? XSLT
doesn't define the order of execution, so it seems reasonable to me
that the error is caught.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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